Terms and Conditions

1. Financial/Booking

a)      Full payment must be made at the time of booking when completing the online booking form; (or as indicated/agreed: additional alternatives are offered to sponsors and partners.)

b)      Payment is generally non-refundable in the event of cancellation.  Payment can be made by credit card/debit card or paypal – if you are member of both ISSBA and Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, please log in to your ISSBA membership account to download your invoice which will have been created in your membership area automatically.  If you are a Chamber member only, your booking payment confirmation will serve as your invoice.  All prices quoted include the cost of table, tablecloth hire (subject to a REFUNDABLE £10 deposit on the day), electricity point for 13 amp plug and wi-fi.

c)      Only ISSBA Members and Suffolk Chamber of Commerce Members can book to exhibit.  Exhibitors must ensure their membership is still valid for the date of the exhibition.

d)      All bookings should be made on the online booking form.

e)     It is a condition of your booking being accepted that all stand-holders must have their own valid public liability insurance in place for the day of the exhibition.  When making your online stand booking you will need to provide your Public Liability insurance number or select the one-day insurance package costing £35, details of cover can be found on the Anglia Business Exhibition website and selected on the booking form.  If a valid public liability insurance is not added to your booking within 8 weeks of making the booking, the organisers will allocate you a one-day insurance package and invoice for the cost of this.

2. Confirmation

A payment receipt and confirmation email will be automatically generated once you book online.  Financial queries should be addressed to the ISSBA Administrator, finance@angliabusinessexhibition.com

3. General Conditions

The Organisers will not be liable to any partner/sponsor/exhibitor for any claim or refund in the event of any Exhibition being cancelled or disrupted due to bad weather, major incident, civil unrest or any other cause beyond the organisers’ control or any other reason whatsoever.

4. Site Conditions

a)      Stand set-up can be done the day before the event or prior to 10am on the day. At 10am stands will be inspected by the Health & Safety representative to check they conform to the terms and conditions published.

b)      The Anglia Business Exhibition will open from 10am-5pm on Wednesday 10th May 2017. 

c)      After unloading, exhibitors are requested to re-park their vehicles in the Exhibitor Car Park. 

d)      Packing away should not start until the Exhibition finishes at 6pm in order to preserve the professional image until the advertised closing time.  It is each exhibitor’s responsibility to clear the rubbish from their stand at the end of the exhibition and dispose of it sensitively.

5. Use of Electrical Supply

Access to a single 13 amp socket will be supplied as stated but it cannot be guaranteed and the existence of such a supply on the day is not a condition of this contract. The organisers will not be held liable for economic or consequential loss resulting from any lack of supply and/or  negligence howsoever caused.  (Note: This supply is not suitable for use of kettles and the like.)

All electrical equipment must display an up to date PAT testing sticker on the day.   Barton Electrical can offer this service in advance of the show and can be contacted at www.bartonelectrical.net  / Tel: 0800 298 1580.

6. Insurance/Risk Assessments

The Organiser carries comprehensive Public Liability Insurance to cover claims for which we are legally liable.  Exhibitors are responsible for providing their own Public Liability Insurance to cover claims that they are legally liable for.  We would strongly recommend they insure to cover a) Fire & Theft; b) Third Party Damage; c) Cancellation.  The organisers have the right to refuse an exhibitor should valid insurance not be in place/a risk assessment for the stand not be provided.  One-day insurance is available to exhibitors when booking.  If PL insurance number is not added to the exhibitor booking within 8 weeks of the booking being made, or 8 weeks of the show taking place, the one-day policy will be added to your booking for payment/an admin charge may be payable.

7. Responsibility of Exhibitors

Exhibitors are responsible for the Health & Safety (including fire precautions) of their stands and are advised to insure against fire damage to their own and other property and also to insure for Third Party Liability and Theft. 

The exhibitor shall assume full responsibility for any article of any kind exhibited by them, including liability for all claims arising out of the handling of exhibits and the conduct of their stand generally. 

The exhibitor shall indemnify The Organisers against all claims, damages or expenses arising in any way out of the presence of the exhibitor, their staff or their exhibits at the event.  Acceptance of these provisions shall be condition of entry.

8. Disclaimer of Responsibility

The Organisers shall not in any way unless legally liable, be responsible for:

a)      Any claim for compensation or otherwise in regard to the holding of or for anything arising out of or in any connection with the event. 

b)      Any accident that may occur or for the death, injury, disease or loss arising to the fullest extent permissible by law.

c)      Any loss or damage whatsoever arising from the abandonment, cancellation of the Exhibition, and any such eventuality howsoever caused.

d)      The liability of the Organisers in relation to any claim, shall in any event be limited to the refund of any monies paid to the Organisers under these terms. 

9. No sub-letting of stands is permitted.

Only one business per stand can be promoted.

10. Changes

The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the layout or other aspects of the event as required.

About the exhibition

Location: Trinity Park Event Centre
Felixstowe Road

Date: Wednesday 15th May 2019

Time: 10:00 - 17:00